BA25B – SyntheSys Research Bit Error Rate Testers

BA25B – SyntheSys Research Bit Error Rate Testers
25.00Mbps (Max. Data Rate)

The BA25B is designed to assist communications systems designers to quickly characterize the error performance of channels up to 25 Mb/s. It displays error correlations, provides real-time error logging, and provides TTL or differential-TTL interfaces. The BA25B utilizes our patented BitAlyzer® technology to locate and analyze errors in digital channels, going beyond bit error rate to provide a complete diagnostic solution. The BA25B includes a pseudo-random (or 16-bit user-defined) pattern generator and a patented Error Location Analysis™ error logging receiver, and a built-in clock source Features: 1 kbit/sec to 25 Mb/s Bit Error Rate Analysis BitAlyzer® Error Location Analysis™ Complete Data Generator, Analyzer, and Clock Source Live or Offline Error Analysis TTL or Differential TTL interfaces

Max. Data Rate

Max. Clock Rate

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25 Mb/s Serial Error Analyzer

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