MS9710B – Anritsu Optical Spectrum Analyzers

MS9710B – Anritsu Optical Spectrum Analyzers
1750 nm (High end wavelength limit)
70 dB dynamic range 90 dBm guaranteed optical reception sensitivity Internal 3.5” FDD (Windows®) Tracking with tunable laser source Optical pulse measurement Full range of WDM application functions The MS9710B is a diffraction-grating spectrum analyzer for analyzing optical spectra in the 0.6 to 1.75 µm wavelength band. In addition to uses such as measurement of LD and LED spectra, it has functions for measuring the transmission characteristics of passive elements such as optical isolators, as well as the NF/Gain of optical fiber systems. In addition to its basic features, the superior stability and reliability of the diffraction grating (patent pending) easily pass the severe specifications required for precise measurement of WDM communications methods, particularly in the 1.55 µm band.

Form Factor Bench top

High end wavelength limit 1750 nm

Wavelength Resolution n/a

Instrument Type Grating

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Optical Spectrum Analyzer – 0.6 to 1.75um