9650A – Signal Recovery Pulse Generators

9650A – Signal Recovery Pulse Generators
10.0V (Max. V(out))
The model 9650A is a four channel digital delay/pulse generator. It produces four adjustable-width output pulses, A, B, C and D, each of which can be delayed from a reference time pulse output T0 by a predetermined amount. It also has two additional difference outputs, A.B and C.D, representing pulses which start on the rising edge of one output and finish on the rising edge of a second.

The instrument is triggered either by its own internal clock or by an external trigger and generates a timing pulse, T0, approximately 35 ns later. This is the time datum to which all other outputs of the unit are referenced. The four delays are adjustable over the range 0 to 100 ms with a 10 ps resolution with the output pulse widths (A, B, C and D) being variable from 30 ns to 1 ms.

Operating modes include ‘Scan’, where continuously increasing delay times can be generated, and ‘Burst’ which is a special scan mode that will generate an output burst of pulses. The unit incorporates a 5 × 7 dot matrix alphanumeric display for setup purposes and a power shutdown memory to retain the current operating parameters. Up to 30 extra setup routines can also be stored for recall. All parameters are input through the front panel keys or through the (optional) computer interface.

Software support is available in the form of a LabVIEW driver and the Acquire™ data acquisition software. The driver and a demonstration version of the software, DemoAcquire, are available for download from this site.

The model 9650A is the ideal instrument for delaying trigger signals in signal recovery applications or for synchronizing multiple laser experiments where accurate time relationships are essential.


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