86143A – Agilent / HP Optical Spectrum Analyzers

86143A – Agilent / HP Optical Spectrum Analyzers
1700 nm (High end wavelength limit)

The Agilent 86140A and 86142A optical spectrum analyzers are high performance benchtop instruments that offer a combination of flexibility, high accuracy and throughput for both R&D and manufacturing environments. These are complimented by the portable Agilent 86143A and 86145A, providing performance in a compact 14.5 kg package for environments where small size and weight are important.

Agilent 86143A is ideal for a wide range of applications at value prices

•Minimum Input Decibel -90 dBm
•Maximum Input Decibel -60 dBm
•Maximum Dynamic Range -52 dB
•Measurement Accuracy 0.1 dB
•Minimum Sweep Time 180 ms
•Maximum Sweep Time 650 ms

Form FactorPortable

High end wavelength limit 1700 nm

Wavelength Resolution 60.0pm

Instrument Type n/a

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