8590D – Agilent / HP Spectrum Analyzers

8590D – Agilent / HP Spectrum Analyzers
1.80GHz (High end frequency limit)
Frequency range 9 KHz – 1.8 GHzMinimum Span 10 kHz Maximum Span 1.8 GHz Minimum Sweep Time 20 ms Maximum Sweep Time 100 s Minimum Resolution Bandwidth 1 kHz …•Frequency range 9 KHz – 1.8 GHz
•Minimum Span 10 kHz
•Maximum Span 1.8 GHz
•Minimum Sweep Time 20 ms
•Maximum Sweep Time 100 s
•Minimum Resolution Bandwidth 1 kHz
•Maximum Resolution Bandwidth 3 MHz
•Resolution Bandwidth Steps 1/3/10
•Minimum Video Bandwidth 30 Hz
•Maximum Video Bandwidth 1 MHz
•Video Bandwidth Steps 1/3/10
•Minimum Single-Side-Band Noise -95 dBc/Hz
•Maximum Safe AC Input 1 dBm
•Maximum DC Input 25 V
•Minimum Displayed Average Noise -115 dBm
•Maximum Displayed Average Noise -113 dBm
•Maximum Amplitude Uncertainty 3 %

High end frequency limit1.80GHz

Resolution Bandwidth Max.3MHz

Resolution Bandwidth Min.3kHz

Amplitude Range-115 dBm to +30 dBm

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