841-P-USB – Newport Optical Power Meters

841-P-USB – Newport Optical Power Meters
1064 nm (High end wavelength limit)

Introducing the newest addition to the Newport power meter family, the Model 841-P-USB Virtual Power Meter. This powerful tool is easy to use and intuitive enough to master in minutes. A USB cable is included with the meter to connect to your PC or laptop computer, and provide the unit with power.
The built-in features of the 841-P-USB Software include a complete statistics package, which lets you choose between a line plot and a histogram. Using the same screen, the user can set the data sampling parameters. It is easy to recover from measurement interferences. For example, the last value or the last period in the statistics buffer can be cancelled, enabling you to continue without stopping your work. There are also many options for saving data, saving statistics, or both.
The 841-P-USB meter is equipped with a DB15 input connector for direct compatibility with Newport’s new 818P Series High Power Detectors. The 841-P-USB Virtual Power meter is designed for use with the Newport 818P Series High Power Detectors. Contact the Newport help desk for other compatible detectors.

High Power Measurements via 818P Series Detectors
Virtual Power Meter Software Included
Full Statistics Package
USB interface with Cable Included


High end wavelength limit
1064 nm

Measurement Units
dBm, Watt

More Details
Virtual Optical Power Meter