840-C – Newport Optical Power Meters

840-C – Newport Optical Power Meters
1800 nm (High end wavelength limit)

The Model 840-C hand-held optical power meter is fully compatible with all of the Newport 818 Series Low-Power Si, Ge, and InGaAs detectors. Detectors connect to the power meter through an in-line calibration module that is dedicated to each detector. These detachable modules provide the Model 840-C with calibration and operating information specific to the assigned detector. Various detector accessories allow for free-space, as well as for fiber coupled power measurements. DC and AC peak-to-peak power measurements can be displayed in units of W and dBm on the 4 digit, backlit LCD of the instrument.

This power meter is being phased out. Supplies are limited to stock on hand. This item has been replaced by the Newport 1916-C, 842-PE or 1918-C.

Power and precision typical of a benchtop meter
Includes both DC and AC peak-to-peak measurement modes
Power sensitivity from 100 pW to 2 W (-70 to +33 dBm)
Wavelength and range settings
Linear, dB, dBm and linear ratio readouts
Background subtraction and digital averaging


High end wavelength limit
1800 nm

Measurement Units
dB, dBm, Watt

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Hand-Held Optical Power Meter