83621B – Agilent / HP Sweeper Generators

83621B – Agilent / HP Sweeper Generators
20.0GHz (Frequency Range Max.)
The Agilent 83621B is a dedicated source optimized for use with Agilent 8510 systems. It combines the high performance and accuracy of a synthesized source with the speed and versatility of a sweep oscillator. The Agilent 83621B provides broadband frequency coverage (45 MHz to 20 GHz) and precise 1 Hz frequency resolution. This source does not have modulation capabilities or a front panel keyboard and display.

•Dedicated source for Agilent 8510 systems
•1 Hz resolution
•Synthesized 45 MHz to 20 GHz coverage

Frequency Range Max.20.0GHz

Max. Output Powern/a


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