81150A – Agilent / HP Arbitrary Waveform Generators

81150A – Agilent / HP Arbitrary Waveform Generators
2.00GSa/sec (Sampling Rate)
The Agilent 81150A Pulse Function Arbitrary Noise Generator sets the standard for the next generation of lab: for fast, accurate insight into your design or device under test.

•A pulse generator with precise signals for performance verification and characterization. The high precision pulse generator is enhanced with a versatile signal generator, offering distortion capabilities to stress your device to its limit
•A function arbitrary generator for versatile signal generation to optimize testing, and for modulation to shape the signal the DUT needs. The function arbitrary generator provides versatile waveforms and modulation capabilities to adapt the signal to devices requirements
•A noise generator to distort signals to build up worst case scenarios. The noise generator combines two required extremes: random noise and repeatable noise with very long repetition rates for simple problem identification
Development departments are faced more and more with shrinking design schedules while increasing quality goals. A new class of instruments is needed to achieve highest test efficiency. Whatever signal is needed, you just generate an ideal or worst-case signal to get accurate and accelerated insight into your device. When signal fidelity matters – test with confidence. Just enough signal quality is not enough.

•1µ – 120 MHz pulse generation with variable rise/fall time
•1µ – 240 MHz sine waveform output
•14-bit, 2 GSa/s arbitrary waveforms
•512k samples deep arbitrary waveform memory per channel
•Noise with a selectable crest factor and signal repetition time of 26 days
•FM, AM, PW, PWM, FSK modulation capabilities up to 10 MHz
•1 or 2 channel, coupled and uncoupled
•Differential outputs

Sampling Rate2.00GSa/sec


Record Length512k points

Output Voltage Range50 mVpp to 5 Vpp; 100 mVpp to 10 Vpp; 200 mVpp to 20 Vpp

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Pulse Function Arbitrary Noise Generator