8114A – Agilent / HP Pulse Generators

8114A – Agilent / HP Pulse Generators
50.0V (Max. V(out))

The Agilent 8114A 100 V/2 A pulse generator helps you maximize test efficiency as the key to reducing time to market without compromising the quality of your product. It shortens characterization and test time by providing:
•clean, reliable and repeatable pulse waveforms
•easy set-up and operation
•full programmability
•protection of the device under test

The telecommunications and computer systems of today†increasingly take advantage of devices such as laser and IR diodes, EEPROMS and flash memories which operate at high voltages or currents. The Agilent 8114A high power pulse generator delivers fast, clean positive or negative pulses up to 100 V at frequencies up to 15 MHz. The pulse generator protects the device through user-definable limits for voltage, current and duty cycle. Additionally, a TTL input allows the output to be enabled or disabled. An option is available that allows the baseline to be adjusted in the +/- 25 V range. Transitions < 12 ns for high impedance source into 50-ohm load. Baseline 0 V. In 50 Ohm/50 Ohm mode, the maximum voltage is 50 Vpp with transitions < 7 ns. The variable baseline option requires the 50 Ohm/50 Ohm mode. •Single-channel high power pulse generator •50 Vpp 50 O / 50 O •Maximum amplitude 100 V (HI-Z/50 O) •Maximum current 2 A (HI-Z/50 O) •Voltage, current, and duty cycle protection •Optional baseline shift of +/- 25 V Specifications Max. V(out) 50.0V Channels 1 Max. Pulse Rep. Freq. 15.00MHz More Details High Power Pulse Generator, 100V / 2A