69145A – Anritsu Sweeper Generators

69145A – Anritsu Sweeper Generators
20.0GHz (Frequency Range Max.)
The 69100A/68100B Synthesized Sweep Generators feature 10 MHz to 65 GHz analog,step and manual sweep capability. Out put levels to +17 dBm and optional 0.1 Hz resolution are available at prices comparable to CW only sources.

The 69300A / 68300B Synthesized sweep/signal generators provide all capabilities of our CW generators, sweep generators and signal generators in a single package


•Ultra-low SSB phase noise; – 100 dBc at 10 KHz offset from 10 GHz
•0.01 to 65 GHz frequency coverage in a single coaxial output
•Waveguide extensions to 110 GHz
•+17 dBm maximum power, -125 dBm min. power
•Internal AM,FM, phase and pulse modulation
•User down-loaded complex modulation
•Step, analog , power, alternate, master/slave sweep modes
•User level flatness correction
•Secure mode
•Master/slave operation
•360B SS Mode


•Minimum Output Power -15 dBm
•Maximum Output Power 13 dBm
•Power Resolution 0.01 dB
•Output Accuracy 2 dB
•Output Level Switching Time 20 ms
•Output Impedance 50 Ohm
•Minimum Single-Side-Band Noise -105 dBc/Hz
•Maximum Single-Side-Band Noise -66 dBc/Hz
•Harmonics (noise) -40 dBc
•Non-harmonics (noise) -40 dBc

Frequency Range Max.20.0GHz

Max. Output Power13dBm


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Ultra Low noise Synthesized Sweep Generator