6669A – Wiltron Sweeper Generators

6669A – Wiltron Sweeper Generators
40.0GHz (Frequency Range Max.)
The Wiltron 6669A Programmable Sweep Generator can cover 10MHz to 40GHz. This unit has redefined the sate-of-the-art for microwave sweep generators through its use of unique components developed in WILTRON microelectronics facility. These components, a 10MHz to 40GHz PIN switch and a 2 to 40GHz leveling coupler-detector, together with WILTRON new K CONNECTORâ„¢ coaxial technology, provide leveled output on a single 2.92 mm coaxial connector that is SMA and APC-3.5 compatible and covers the entire 10MHz to 40GHz range.

Frequency Range Max.40.0GHz

Max. Output Powern/a


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