6201F-35 – Chroma Power Supplies

6201F-35 – Chroma Power Supplies
35.0V (Max. Voltage)

Low Cost programmable DC Power supplies from 60W to 12KW. Many models to choose from with optional GPIB and RS232 interface. Ideal for benchtop or ATE applications.

The 6201F series is our newest line of power supplies. It incorporates our most advanced technology and design philosophy.
The 6201F series uses zero voltage switching, which results in increased efficiency and lower noise. This latest development in power conversion technology has only
recently been implemented by manufacturers of fixed output power supplies.
The 6201F series caters to the applications needs of computer controlled component burn-in, electroplating, process control, magnet control, and other high powered requirements.
The 6201F is a 19 inch rack mountable power supply, which allows for a 1.75 inch (1U) vertical rack space.

Soft start operation limiting in-rush current on power up
Lower losses in power and higher efficiency
Quiet operation
Multiple fans to maintain cooling and speed controlled for long life
Analog programming as a standard feature
Multiple level shut down for safe operation

Max. Voltage

Number of Outputs

Max. Current

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