4934A – Agilent / HP Bit Error Rate Testers

4934A – Agilent / HP Bit Error Rate Testers
110.00kbps (Max. Data Rate)

The HP 4934A increases installation and maintenance productivity for telephone companies and service providers through its ease-of-use, portability, and ruggedness. Covers a wide range of analog circuits with its 1-110kHz bandwidth, choice of C-message, 3kHz flat, 15kHz flat, program and 50kBit filters, and a choice of impedances. Can also help to verify telephone company tariffed parameters and work with other TIMS or automatic test equipment in the telephone network.

Level/frequency 20 Hz to 110 kHz
Noise and noise-to-ground
Noise-with-tone and signal-to-noise
Three-level pulse noise
IEEE 743-1984 North American Measurement standard
Transmit/receive connectors: WECO 310

Max. Data Rate

Max. Clock Rate

Pattern Depth

More Details
Transmission Impairment Measurement Set

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