4500D – Associated Research Hipots

4500D – Associated Research Hipots
5.000kV (Max. Output AC Voltage)

The 4500D is an entry level manual Dielectric Withstand tester with 500VA hipot test capability. It features full microprocessor control and can be used as a bench-top instrument or controlled through basic PLC Remote Control. It can also be interconnected to the HYAMP® III family of Ground Bond testers to form a complete test system in a single DUT connection. It is the perfect solution for entry level 500VA Hipot testing applications.

Maximum output current of 100 milliamps AC
Simple menu driven parameters
Built-in continuity test mode
Test setup memories
Built-in remote safety interlock

Max. Output AC Voltage

Max. Output DC Voltage

Output AC Current

Output DC Current

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5KVAC 500VA Hipot Tester