4265 – Wayne Kerr RLC Impedance Meters

4265 – Wayne Kerr RLC Impedance Meters
100kHz (Test Freq. Range High)

The Wayne Kerr 4200 series of automatic LCR meters comprises two versatile models – the 4270 and 4265 – which offer a combination of powerful capabilities to meet the most demanding requirements, quickly and effectively.

The 4200 series combines superior performance, measurement functions and a low price providing unbeatable value for money. Operation is simple and straightforward with measurements undertaken at a wide range of test frequencies and voltage levels.

Comprehensive measurement functions, including DC Resistance
Test components to 1 MHz
Large LCD display, with easy-to-read characters
0.1% basic accuracy
IEEE-488 or RS-232 interface
DC Voltage bias
9 instrument setups stored
Display of actual Voltage and Current measurement
Automatic zero trim
Contact check
Deviation measurement mode

Test Freq. Range High100kHz

Resistance Range High200MOhm

Capacitance Range High31.8 F

MeasurementsZ, Rac, L, C, Q, D, Phase, Rdc

More Details
Automatic LCR Meter DC – 100 kHz