3500 – Krohn-Hite Tunable Filters

3500 – Krohn-Hite Tunable Filters
200.00kHz (High end frequency limit)

The 3500 Band-pass Filter has both high and low cutoff frequencies independently adjustable over the range from 20Hz to 200kHz.

The response characteristic approximates a fourth-order Butterworth with maximal flatness for optimum filtering in the frequency domain. For pulse signal filtering, a switch is provided to change the response characteristic to damped Low Q response for transient free filtering of pulse type signals.

The calibration accuracy is ┬▒10%, insertion loss is 0 dB, maximum attenuation is 60 dB, and features floating (ungrounded) operation.

High end frequency limit200.00kHz


Operation ModesBP

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Band-pass Filter

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