3403C – Agilent / HP Voltmeters

3403C – Agilent / HP Voltmeters
100.0MHz (High end frequency limit)

The model HP 3403C is usable from DC to 100 MHz.True rms is especially valuable for measurements of noise,multiplexed signals,modulated waves and signals with high harmonic content.

•Full range display of 10 mV (AC only), 100 mV, 1 V, 10 V, 100 V, and 1000 V
•Functions include DC, AC, and AC + DC
•3 1/2-digit display
• Frequency response from DC to 100MHz.Response times of 1 sec and 10 sec

High end frequency limit100.0MHz

Voltage Range High1000 V

Voltage Range Low100 mV

More Details
True RMS voltmeter

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