2420M/AM – Giga-tronics Signal Generators

2420M/AM – Giga-tronics Signal Generators
20.00GHz (Frequency Range Max.)
With frequency ranges to 40 GHz, the 2400M/AM modulation version of the 2400 Series synthesizers delivers industry-leading performance combining state of the art low phase noise, high output power, and fast switching simultaneously. In addition, the 2400M incorporates all of the performance features one expects including frequency modulation (FM), high-speed pulse/square wave modulation (PM), amplitude modulation (AM) and Scan modulation. The low noise, high power, and fast switching features of the 2400M Series Synthesizer make it an excellent test solution for a wide range of CW, modulation, swept frequency, and fast frequency switching applications in both R&D and manufacturing environment

The 2400M Series is capable of a switching frequency in less than 500 microseconds, making the 2400 ideal for test applications demanding high throughput, such as antenna characterization, T/R module evaluation, or RFIC manufacturing. In addition, the 2400””s low phase noise makes it suitable for serving as a low jitter clock as well as a source for low noise frequency conversion. High output power and excellent spectral purity add to the 2400 standing as the best value in a general-purpose synthesized source. In addition, the 2400M/AM models all include an option for Giga-tronics Automation Xpress Interface (AXI). The AXI, for use with Giga-tronics Automation Xpress software, enables 2.5 ms CW Frequency/Power switching, making the 2400M Series one of the fastest switching synthesizers in its class. The optional Automation Xpress Interface provides faster data exchange and functional downloads/executions, as well as a stable API programming interface for the ATE programming environment.


Frequency Range Max.


Freq. Resolution


Output Power

+15 dBm


AM, FM, Pulse, Scan

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