2342 – Ballantine Tunable Filters

2362 – Ballantine Tunable Filters
110.00kHz (High end frequency limit)

3-digit resolution from 0.1 to 110 kHz (optional to 0.01 Hz to 110 kHz) Differential Inputs with low noise amplifiers to handle signals from 1 mV to 31.6 V full-scale (-60 dBV to +30 dBV) Selectable bipolar or unipolar output swing to suit all A to D converters Overload indicators to avoid signal distortion Elliptic response with inband ripple of 0.1 dB, out of band rejection of 90 dB and 140 dB/oct rolloff rate Butterworth response with maximally flat amplitude response and 90 dB dynamic range Bessel responses with maximally flat group delay and 90 dB dynamic range Supertwist LCD display, easy data entry and storage of fifty setups GPIB and RS-232 interfaces included

High end frequency limit110.00kHz


Operation ModesLP

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Signal Processing Filter

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