195 – Fluke Arbitrary Waveform Generators

195 – Fluke Arbitrary Waveform Generators

40.00MSa/sec (Sampling Rate)
The 39A and 195 Universal Waveform Generators combine many generators in one. Their extensive signal simulation capabilities include arbitrary waveforms, function generator, pulse/pulse train generator, sweep generator, trigger generator, tone generator, noise generator, and amplitude modulation source.

•2 or 4 Independent waveform channels
•40 MS/s Arbitrary waveform generator
•Synthesized function generator to 16 MHz
•12 Bit vertical and 64k points horizontal resolution
•Pulse/pulse train and tone generator
•Amplitude modulation
•Inter-channel triggering, summing and phase control
•GPIB and RS-232 interfaces

Sampling Rate40.00MSa/sec


Record Length64K

Output Voltage Rangen/a

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