1918-C – Newport Optical Power Meters

1918-C – Newport Optical Power Meters
20 µm (High end wavelength limit)

For applications requiring the measurement of low-power, high-power or energy of continuous or pulsed light sources, Newport model 1918-C Hand-Held Optical Power and Energy Meter is the instrument of choice. This new optical meter leverages the advanced features and display capabilities of the Newport 1935-C Series optical meters, into a compact, wall-plug and battery powered device, for use in the lab or in the field. The 4 inch, full color, graphical LCD display enables both numerical and graphical measurement representation, with a selection of various color palettes to match filtering properties of users’ laser eye safety goggles.
The 1918-C has the ability to handle peak-to-peak measurements of pulses with repetition-rates of up to 4 kHz at a sampling rate of 100 kHz. Pulse, peak-to-peak and DC source measurements can be displayed in units of W, dBm, dB, J, A, and V.
Low-power measurements, of 1nW to tens of Watts can be accomplished with the Newport 918D Series Silicon (Si), Germanium (Ge), or Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs) Detectors, covering 200–1800 nm wavelengths. All 918D Series Detectors have a built-in temperature sensor utilized for sensing, and active compensation of temperature-induced measurement fluctuations. 818 Series low power detectors can also be used with the instrument in combination with a 841-DIN adapter.
High-power measurements, up to 6 kWatt can be performed with the Newport High-Power Detectors, enabling measurements in the 0.19–11 mm wavelength range.
Energy measurements of pulsed laser sources, from 100 µJoule to 75 Joules can be taken with Newport Energy Detectors, operating in the 0.19–20 mm wavelength range and pulse repetition rates from single shot to 4 kHz, without having to rely on oscilloscope measurements.
True Root-Mean-Square (rms) measurements, provide the most accurate rms value regardless of the shape of the input waveform.
Advanced features include a 250,000 data point storage buffer, analog and digital filtering, programmable sample rates, moving statistics, plotting and multiple user-configuration storage.
The 1918-C comes complete with a rechargeable battery, battery charger and carrying case. Batteries are field replaceable by the user and can also be ordered separately.

Measurement rep-rates up to 4 kHz
True rms measurements
Power measurements, 11 pW to 20 kW
Energy measurements, 7 µJ to 20 kJ
Accelerated thermopile based power measurements with fast prediction algorithm
USB computer interface
Data storage via internal memory (250k data samples ) or USB Flash Drive
Plotting, graphing, math, statistics, and on-board data post-processing


High end wavelength limit
20 µm

Measurement Units
dB, dBm, J, Watt

More Details
High-Performance Hand-Held Optical Power and Energy Meter