16821A – Agilent / HP Logic Analyzers

16821A – Agilent / HP Logic Analyzers
34 (Max. Channels Number)
– •15 inch color display, available touch screen – view relationships between large numbers of signals and buses to identify a problem sooner
•Pattern generator – get stimulus and response in a single instrument with the only portable logic analyzer to include a built-in pattern generator. Maximum clock rate: 300 MHz, maximum memory depth: 16 M Vectors
•32 M deep memory – capture symptom and root cause that are widely separated in time
•Up to 204 channels – choose from eight models to match your specific measurement needs
•Upgradeable memory depth and state speed – purchase the capability you need now, then upgrade as your needs evolve

Max. Channels Number34

Max. State Speed250.0MHz

Max. Timing Speed4GHz

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Portable Logic Analyzer with 48-ch Pattern Generator