16742A – Agilent / HP Logic Analyzers

16742A – Agilent / HP Logic Analyzers
68 (Max. Channels Number)                                                                                                                                                                               The Agilent 16742A logic analysis module offers industry-leading memory depth and performance for debugging complex digital designs.

•16M of acquisition memory helps link a symptom of a problem to the cause
Innovative hardware in the 16742A improves system performance
•200 MHz state speed supports today”’s and tomorrow’s processors and technology trends
•2 GHz timing zoom provides simultaneous high-speed state and timing acquisition through a single probe connection to the device under test
•VisiTrigger technology combines new trigger functionality with a user interface that is easy to use and understand
•68 to 340 channels of data capture on the same time base and trigger
•Eye finder automatically adjusts setup and hold for highest confidence in measurements on high-speed buses

Max. Channels Number68

Max. State Speed400.0MHz

Max. Timing Speed800MHz

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