1662CS – Agilent / HP Logic Analyzers

1662CS – Agilent / HP Logic Analyzers
68 (Max. Channels Number)                                                                                                                                                                               •Number of state and timing Channels 68 ch
•Maximum Conventional Timing Rate 250 MHz
•Maximum Conventional Timing Rate (half ch) 500 MHz
•Maximum Transitional Timing Rate 125 MHz
•Max. transitional timing rate (half ch) 250 MHz
•Memory Depth/Channel-Normal 4 KB , 8 KB on half ch.
•Max. state analysis rate 100 MHz
•No of oscilloscope channels 2 ch
•Bandwidth 250 MHz
•Simultaneous max.sampling rate/ch 1 GSa/s
•Max.record lengtgh 8000 pt/sec

Max. Channels Number68

Max. State Speed100.0MHz

Max. Timing Speed250MHz

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