1169A Agilent InfiniiMax II Series Probe Amplifier

1169A Agilent InfiniiMax II Series Probe Amplifier
12 GHz
Key Features & Specifications

•12 GHz specified
•13 GHz typical
•Dynamic Range: 3.3 V peak-to-peak
•DC Offset Range: +/- 16V
•Maximum Voltage: +/- 30V
Input Impedance:
•Differential Input R: 50 kOhm
•Differential Input C: 0.21 pF
•Single Ended Input R: 25 kOhm
•Single Ended Input C: 0.35 pF
•E2669A Differential/Single-ended Connectivity Kit
•E2668A Single-ended Connectivity Kit
•NEW N2880A InfiniiMax in-line attenuator
•NEW N2881A DC blocking capacitors
InfiniiMax II series 1169A 12 GHz probing system designed to be used with DSO91204A and DSO91304A Infiniium oscilloscopes provides real-time bandwidth to 12 GHz specified and has 13 GHz typical performance. The innovative InfiniiMax probing system supports even the most demanding mechanical access requirements without sacrificing performance.

•Bandwidth: 12 GHz specified, 13 GHz typical
•Dynamic Range: 3.3 V peak to peak
•DC Offset Range: ± 16 V
•Maximum Voltage: ± 30V
•Differential Input R: 50 k ohm. Differential Input C: 0.21 pF.
•Single Ended Input R: 25 k ohm. Single Ended Input C: 0.35 pF.
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