1130A Agilent InfiniiMax Probe Amp

1130A Agilent InfiniiMax Probe Amp
1.5 GHz
Key Features & Specifications

•1.5 GHz
•Dynamic Range: +/- 2.5V
•DC Offset Range: +/- 12V when probing single-ended
•Maximum Input Voltage: 30V peak
Input Impedance:
•Differential Input R: 50 kOhm
•Differential Input C: 0.27-0.34 pF
•Single Ended Input R: 25 kOhm
•Single Ended Input C: 0.44-0.67 pF
•E2669A Differential/Single-ended Connectivity Kit
•E2668A Single-ended Connectivity Kit
•E2675A Differential Browser Kit for InfiniiMax Probes
•E2677A InfiniiMax 12 GHz differential solder-in probe head
•E2678A InfiniiMax single-ended/differential socketed probe head and accessories
For high-speed differential or single-ended probing in embedded designs, the InfiniiMax 1.5 GHz 1130A differential probe amplifier is a perfect complement to the Infiniium 600 MHz – 1 GHz and InfiniiVision 500 MHz – 1 GHz oscilloscopes. Its extremely low input capacitance, flat frequency response and the patented resistor probe tip technology provide ultra low loading of the DUT and superior signal fidelity. The E2675A differential browser kit (ordered separately) is recommended for the 1130A with its variable spacing between probe tips with full z-axis compliance, which improves the usability/versatility of the probe. Also available are the E2669A differential or E2668A single-ended connectivity kits (ordered separately) that contain a variety of connectivity probe heads and accessories.