cOPM-A1 – JDSU Optical Power Meters

cOPM-A1 – JDSU Optical Power Meters
1650 nm (High end wavelength limit)

The JDSU Compact Photonic Tools offer a new portfolio of point solutions for fiber optic test applications. The cOPM-A1 Optical Power Meter is optimized for a number of applications ranging from general lab use to test and process automation for passive optical components. It can be used with both single-mode and multimode fiber and offers power levels from 80 to +15 dBm over a wavelength range of 800 to 1650 nm. The cOPM-A1 features high accuracy, high linearity, and extremely low polarization-dependent sensitivity.

Similar to the JDSU Multiple Application Platform (MAP-200), the ultimate flexibility of the cOPM-A1 detector heads can be used with AC100 interchangeable detector adapters that are available for most common connector
types, as well as a fiber holder that permits bare fiber measurements. The cOPM-A1 Indium-Gallium-Arsenide (InGaAs) Optical Power Meter has a FC connector detector adapter as a standard accessory and an optional integrating sphere, which may be fastened to the front panel for increased power measurements to 33 dBm (2 W) with decreased polarization dependent loss (PDL) to 0.005 dB.

A simple, intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and keypad minimizes training requirements. A universal serial bus (USB) interface may be used for test automation interfacing to a PC.While connected by USB, the cOPM-A1 does not require an additional mains connection, reducing cord tangle. The unit comes equipped with internal battery backup for quick measurements around the lab or for use during power outages.

Operates over wide wavelength range (800 to 1650 nm)
High power capability option can withstand up to 2 W
Low PDL <0.01 dB Bare fiber measurement capability SCPI compliant commands over USB automation interface Auto dark current measurements Perform simultaneous measurements on multiple wavelengths when used with cORL and cFPL units Specifications Type Fiber Optic High end wavelength limit 1650 nm Measurement Units dB, Watt More Details Compact Photonic Tools Optical Power Meter