281 – Fluke Arbitrary Waveform Generators

281 – Fluke Arbitrary Waveform Generators

40.00MSa/sec (Sampling Rate)
The 281, 282, and 284 Waveform Generators use Direct Digital Synthesis techniques as well as variable clock sampling technology to provide a fully featured programmable function and arbitrary waveform capability. The 281, 282 and 284 are 40 MS/s arbitrary waveforom generators with one, two, and four channels, respectively.

Waveform Manager Plus Software provides all the features needed for creation, manipulation and management of arbitrary waveforms within a single Windows-based program. Up to 100 user defined waveforms may be stored in the 256 K point nonvolatile RAM. Waveforms can be defined by front panel editing controls or by downloading of waveform data via RS-232 or GPIB.

•40 MS/s max. sampling speed
•16 MHz function generator
•10 MHz pulse generator
•Pulse train pattern generator
•Arbitrary waveforms of up to 65 k points
•Powerful modulation capabilities
•Built-in trigger generators
•Waveform Manager Plus for Windows® software
•Multiple standard waveforms recalled from internal memory
•RS-232 and GPIB interfaces

Sampling Rate40.00MSa/sec


Record Length64 k points per channel

Output Voltage Range5 mV to 20 Vpp open circuit

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1 Channel 40 MS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator and Waveform Manager Plus Software