Z9218 – Protek RLC Impedance Meters

Z9218 – Protek RLC Impedance Meters
100kHz (Test Freq. Range High)

0.02% Basic accuracy
Wide measurement Ranges for Capacitors, Resistors and Inductors
Menus and parameters are displayed on an easy to read 320x 240 Graphics LCD with backlight
Measurement Rates to 12 times per second
500 Test Frequencies from 12Hz to 100KHz
Open and short-circuit compensation for accurate zeroing
Binning and Pass/Fail operation
Measurement averaging from 1 to 255
Optional GPIB and handler interface
LCD displays measured values, Q/D, Absolute D and %D

Test Freq. Range High100kHz

Resistance Range High100MOhm

Capacitance Range High99999 uF

MeasurementsL, C, Q, D, R

More Details
High Accuracy, Wide Range LCR Meter with LCD Readout