U3641N – Advantest Spectrum Analyzers

U3641N – Advantest Spectrum Analyzers
3.00GHz (High end frequency limit)
The U3641/3641N is a 3-GHz synthesized spectrum analyzer ideal for field use. With a lightweight, compact size and threeway power supply including battery operation, the U3641/3641N has been designed specifically for field installation and maintenance applications. In addition, with the inclusion of a synthesized local oscillator, the U3641/3641N allows highprecision and high-stability measurements with a minimum resolution bandwidth of 100 Hz.
A fast zero span sweep speed of 50 µs allows characterization of burst signal rising and falling edges and the measurement of power during on and off periods.
The U3641/3641N are portable analyzers which can be used for maintenance on various aspects of CATV and PHS/PDC.
•Ultra-compact and light weight Main unit: 6.9 kg or less With battery: 9 kg or less
•Frequency range: 9 kHz to 3GHz
•Display dynamic range: 100 dB
•Three-way power supply with battery operation. (100/200 VAC, external DC, and battery pack)
•1.5-hour operation is possible with the specialized battery
•TFT 6-inch color LCD and memory card
•High-stability measurement by means of synthesized operation
•50-µs high-speed sweep function
•Diverse options and series including
•TV image/audio demodulation, tracking generator, high-stability reference
source, narrow RBW, channel input setting, controller, input impedance of 50 ohms (U3641) or 75 ohms (U3641N), CDMA Measurement
•Variety of measurement functions
•20-dB gain preamplifier, 1-Hz resolution counter, occupied frequency bandwidth, adjacent-channel leakage power, and audio monitoring


High end frequency limit


Resolution Bandwidth Max.


Resolution Bandwidth Min.


Amplitude Range

+130 dBuV to displayed average noise level