TLS216 – Tektronix Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

TLS216 – Tektronix Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
500.0MHz (Bandwidth)
The TLS216 Logic Scope is a new class of instrument designed to simplify the task of debugging digital hardware. The Logic Scope seamlessly combines in a single instrument the analog acquisition system of a high-speed digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) with the triggering and display systems of a logic analyzer. The 500 MHz bandwidth Logic Scope samples all channels simultaneously at 2 GS/s and has sophisticated time-qualified triggering, a high resolution color display and an integrated MS DOS compatible 3.5 inch floppy disk drive.

In addition to edge trigger, most digital signals can be easily captured using pulse, glitch and pattern triggers. The Logic Scope provides two new trigger resources that allow the instrument to directly trigger on common digital circuit behavior. The first time-interval or sequence trigger type in the industry monitors the time between two events, allowing the instrument to easily trigger on setup time violations, hold-time violations or unexpected propagation delay. The powerful Time-out trigger type can be used to capture incomplete handshake sequences or to trigger the instrument when the DUT hangs.

All of these trigger types let developers identify channel-to-channel relationships, including 16-Bit patterns and time-related/time-qualified system faults. The Logic Scope’s external trigger-input can be used as a Trigger Arm to enhance cross-triggering between two instruments, simplifying the task of using a Logic Scope with other test equipment.

The Logic Scope includes a set of 16 specially designed probes that have extremely low probe-tip mass (1.5 grams) and input capacitance (2.5 pF). The P6240 low probe-tip mass ensures that connections made to surface mount and fine pitch ICs will be reliable. The low input capacitance, combined with the 1 megaohm input resistance, decreases the effect of the probe on the operation of the DUT, allowing very accurate measurements to be made with confidence.

These characteristics are made possible by using a podlet-style probe-tip design instead of the pencil-style design of traditional oscilloscope probes. Employing the de facto industry standard of 0.1 inch spacing between the signal and ground inputs, each 0.1 inch thick podlet can directly attach to the hundreds of readily available IC adapters and clips.
•2.5 pF, 1 megaohm Podlet Style FET Probes
•Display Modes: Analog, Timing Diagram and BusFormTM
•<±100 ps Timing Resolution
•16 Input Channels
•2 GS/s Simultaneous Sampling on All Channels
•500 MHz Real-time Bandwidth
•Logic Family Presets for TTL, ECL and CMOS
•Sophisticated Time Qualified Triggering with Four Word Recognizers
•3-Year Warranty




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