TLA611 – Tektronix Logic Analyzers

TLA611 – Tektronix Logic Analyzers
34 (Max. Channels Number)
-MagniVu™ Acquisition Technology Provides 2 GHz (500 ps) Timing Resolution to Find Difficult Problems Quickly Up to 200 MHz State Acquisition Analysis of Synchronous Digital Circuits Simultaneous State and High-speed Timing Analysis Through the Same Probe Pinpoints Elusive Faults Without Double Probing and Reacquisition 500 MHz Deep Timing Analysis with Up to 2 Mb Per Channel Glitch and Setup/Hold Triggering and Display Finds and Displays Elusive Hardware Problems Transitional Storage Extends the Signal Analysis Capture Time Processor and Bus Support Universal Source Code Support for Correlating High-level Language Source with Real-time Trace Integrated View (iView) Capability Works with Tektronix TDS Digital Storage Oscilloscopes for Analog/ Digital Cross-domain Analysis.

Max. Channels Number34

Max. State Speed100.0MHz

Max. Timing Speed2GHz

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Logic Analyzer,34-Channel 2 GHz timing, 100 MHz state – discont.