SML03 – Rohde & Schwarz Signal Generators

SML03 – Rohde & Schwarz Signal Generators
3.30GHz (Frequency Range Max.)
The Signal Generator family R&S SML offers all features required of a state-of-the-art general-purpose signal generator: wide frequency range, large variety of modulation functions and high reliability – at an extremely attractive price. The fields of application of the R&S SML are virtually unlimited in development, servicing or production where it is used as a flexible signal source in automatic test systems. R&S SML benefits both from our long-standing experience in the field of signal generators and the latest technology. Its uses are as versatile as its functionalities.

•Wide output frequency range from 9 kHz to 3.3 GHz with 0.1 Hz resolution
•SSB phase noise: -128 dBc (1 Hz)(at f = 1 GHz, .f = 20 kHz)
•Setting times <10 ms •High level accuracy (deviation <0.5 dB at levels >-120 dBm)
•High reliability through electronic attenuator
•Digital frequency and level sweep
•AM/FM/φM and optional Pulse modulation
•Optional pulse modulator with integrated pulse generator
•Optional stereo coder with analog and digital audio inputs
•High (+13 dBm) and precise output level (<0.5 dB) •Versatile test system consisting of the ¸SML with the ¸SML-B5 and the Audio Analyzer ¸UPL •3-year calibration cycle •Compact size (only 2 HU) Specifications Frequency Range Max.3.30GHz Freq. Resolution100.0mHz Output Power-140 dBm to +13 dBm ModulationAM, FM, Pulse, Phase More Details Signal Generator