S251B – Anritsu Network Analyzers

S251B – Anritsu Network Analyzers
2.50GHz (High end frequency limit)

The Anritsu S251B is a broadband two-port transmission line and antenna analyzer that performs return loss (SWR), cable loss and distance-to-fault measurement for cellular, PCS/GSM and ISM market applications.

Site Master’s patented high RF interference rejection enables the S251B to accurately measure cable and antenna systems in the presence of high RF activity. In addition, the high dynamic range (>80 dB) enables the S251B to perform antenna-to-antenna isolation measurements.

Selectable output levels of +6 dBm or –30 dBm and optional built-in Bias Tee provide the S251B with a convenient means of verifying Tower Mounted Amplifier (TMA) gain before and after installation. Status of applied voltage and current load indicate the operation and function of the TMA.

The Site Master Software Tools supplied with each S251B operates with Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT. Software Tools can download traces and cable parameters to S251B via the RS-232 serial port.

•Accurately Tests Return Loss/SWR in Transmission Line and Antenna Systems
•High Immunity to Live Site RF Interference
•Extended Distance-to-Fault Range
•10 User Configurations include Calibrations
•Increase Current Capability (to 240 mA) with Built-in-Bias Tee
•Gain/Insertion Measurement
•RF Source 625 to 2500 MHz at 10 kHz steps
•Trace Storage with Date/Time Stamp, Alphanumeric labeling (up to 200 memory locations)
•Trace and Cable Parameters Downloadable to Site Master
•Trace Overlay, Trace Math
•Large VGA Display (640 x 480)
•Display Resolution Settings: 130, 259, 517 data points
•5-Segment Limit Line
•Printer Driver Compatibility with Epson, Canon, Citizen, and HP
•Field Replaceable Battery-NiMH

High end freq limitSite Master

Instrument Type2.50GHz


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