N5450B Agilent InfiniiMax Extreme Temperature Extension Cable

N5450B Agilent InfiniiMax Extreme Temperature Extension Cable
Key Features & Specifications

•> 12 GHz (typical) when used with N5381A
•> 7.5 GHz (typical) when used with E2677A
Operational Temperature Range:
•- 55 to + 150 degree C when used with N5381A
•- 25 to + 80 degree C when with E2677A and other probe heads
Cable Length:
•36 inches (92 cm)
•The N5450B comes with a pair of matched cables
Industry’s only probing solution for environmental chamber testing, supporting temperatures from – 55 to + 150 degree (Celsius).

•Flat frequency responses at both ends of extreme temperatures.
•Provides 36 inches of flexible reach.
•Minimum test cycles at their maximum temperature ranges. Numbers will increase as the range gets smaller.
◦> 250 cycles for N5381A
◦> 1000 cycles for E2677A
The N5450B is a replacement of the N5450A. The N5450A will be discontinued in June 2012 and will be supported for 5 years until September 2017. The old and new replacements are 100% form, fit, function and price equivalent to the product it replaces.