M150AC – Rod-L Electronics Hipots

M150AC – Rod-L Electronics Hipots
5.000kV (Max. Output AC Voltage)

All ROD-L hipot testers have adjustable electronically controlled test voltage ramp control and timing circuits. In addition, ROD-L AC and DC hipot testers interconnect to simplify multiple testing requirements. Each are compatible with all ROD-L Ground Continuity and Leakage Current test instruments.

Digital display Resolution of programmable test parameters is 0.5%
Performs an AC dielectric strength (Hipot) test concurrent with a ground continuity test
Applies a test potential of up to 5000 VAC at 50 milliamps (user programmable)
Performs tests in full compliance with UL, VDE, BSE, IEC, CSA, and other test standards -488 BUS-compatible – enables data logging during each test, and remote programming of:
Test voltage
Test time
Voltage ramp rate
Real current trip point
Total current trip point
Under current trip point
Performs tests in full compliance with UL,VDE,IEC,CSA, and other test standards

Max. Output AC Voltage

Max. Output DC Voltage

Output AC Current

Output DC Current

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AC Hipot Test System