FB2000A – Aeroflex Noise Generators

FB2000A – Aeroflex Noise Generators
2.400GHz (Frequency Range Max.)
Accurate, comprehensive generation of RF channel impairments for the testing of RF communications systems and equipment.

•Windows NT interface
•Generation of Gaussian Noise with selectable channel bandwidths from
6 MHz to wideband
•Frequency tunable noise, selectable for Carrier frequencies in the range between 5 MHz to 2.4 GHz, in one instrument
•Accurate and repeatable setting of Carrier to Noise as well as Interference,
such as Co-Channel and Adjacent Channel
•High accuracy, wide dynamic range for testing BER versus SNR (i.e. b/No)
•Selectable Burst Noise profiles
•TDMA timing for BER testing and Flat Fading carrier profiles
•C/I setting for up to 4 external Interferers, plus Carrier to Noise
•Power as low as -140 dBm with option
•Touch screen option

Frequency Range Max.2.400GHz

Max. Power Densityn/a


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Frequency Tunable Carrier to Noise & Impairment Generator