E1430A – Agilent / HP Transient Recorders / Digitizers

strong>E1430A – Agilent / HP Transient Recorders / Digitizers

10MSa/sec (Max Sample Rate)

The Agilent E1430A high-resolution digitizer is a C-size, one-slot, register-based VXI module that can analyze spectra or capture transients, digitize IFs or record waveforms. The module includes DSP-based real time digital filtering with digital LO and large FIFO memories.

The digitizer used in this module is a two-pass (or sub-ranging) type that provides 23 bits of raw resolution. The digitizer in the E1430A has low distortion with a noise density of -136 dBfs/Hz and a noise figure of 15 dB.

The module comes with multistage digital filters built in with a maximum information bandwidth of 4 MHz. A high-speed 8 MB memory captures transients or acts as a FIFO for continuous digitizing during the block-mode data transfers used by some DSP algorithms. Data transfer is over the VXI data path and the high speed Local Bus (40 Mbytes/sec).

•High dynamic range
•Built-in anti-alias filters and signal conditioning
•Programmable digital filters and digital L/O
•FIFO memory
•Local Bus capability
•Ranges (in 6 dB steps): +28 dBm to -32 dBm
•Input impedance: 50 ohms

Max Sample Rate10MSa/sec


Resolution23 bits

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