DC5009 – Tektronix Frequency Counters

DC5009 – Tektronix Frequency Counters
1.3GHz (Max. Freq.)

The DC 5009/ DC 509 sigle-width Universal Counter/Timers provide all of meaasurement functions of the higher performance DC 5010/ DC 510 except rise time/fall time,null, and totalize A+-B.
The powerfull reciprocal-frequency measurement technique allows up to eight digits of resolution of low frequency signals in one second or less of measurement time. The DC 5009/ DC509 has the same automatic averaging feature as the DC 5010 / DC 510; selected averaging of up to 10(8) events provides usable time-interval resolution of 5 ps.

135 MHz both A and B channels
10ns single-shot resolution 8-digit display
5 ps resolution with averaging
Duty-cycle independent autotrigger
Shaped A and B outputs
Probe compensation
High stability oven time base

Max. Freq.

Freq. Resolution [Digits]

Frequency, Period, Ratio, Count totalization, Event, Pulse width

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Programmable Universal Counter/Timer