Analyzers – Noise Figure

Noise Figure Analyzers


If you need to make noise figure measurements, you’ve come to the right place to get the tools and technical support you need. Whether it is an instrument, accessories, or literature, we has the right solutions to help you make the following measurements more accurately:

  • Noise figure/factor
  • Gain
  • Effective temperature
  • Y-factor
  • Hot/cold power density

Shop For Noise Figure Analyzers

The three major manufacturers of VNAs, Agilent, Anritsu, and Rohde & Schwarz, all produce models which permit the use of noise figure measurements. The vector error correction permits higher accuracy than is possible with other forms of commercial noise figure meters.

Noise Figure Analyzers & Noise Sources

Whether you are working with systems, subsystems, subassemblies, or discrete devices, each of your components add noise that affects the overall performance of your receiver. By measuring and reducing noise figure, you can give your components a competitive edge.

Agilent Technologies provide a range of noise figure measurements solutions to meet your needs, from the NFA series noise figure analyzers to the noise figure measurement personalities for our spectrum analyzers. We also have a range of noise sources to complete the measurement solution.

They also offers ‘cost’ effective solutions for noise figure needs as options to network analyzers, spectrum analyzers or signal analyzers