86146B – Agilent / HP Optical Spectrum Analyzers

86146B – Agilent / HP Optical Spectrum Analyzers
1700 nm (High end wavelength limit)
The Agilent 86146B is a grating-based optical spectrum analyzer covering the 600 to 1700 nm wavelength range. The OSA uses a patented double-pass monochromator design to simultaneously achieve high sensitivity and dynamic range with a fast sweep time. This is key for characterizing DWDM components, broadband passive components, but also active optical components like narrowband sources (DFBs), wideband sources (FPs) and optical amplifier (EDFA, Raman amplifiers and SOAs).

The Agilent 86146B is a high performance benchtop optical spectrum analyzer with a filter mode that provides the flexibility to drop a single DWDM channel with fast-tuning speed, low-insertion loss, and highly repeatable wavelength accuracy.

Another application of the filter mode is to measure time-resolved chirp (TRC). Using the filter with a 81600C DCA, chirp measurements can be made on lasers.

•High amplitude accuracy (0.5 dB) and stability (10mdB), Low Polarization dependence (50mdB)
•Wide Wavelength Range (600nm to 1700nm), Highest Wavelength Accuracy (10pm) and Repeatability (2pm)
•Widest Variability in Resolution Bandwidth (60pm to 10nm) with accurately calibrated filter shapes and excellent dynamic range
•Single Wavelength Channel Drop
•Fast sweep time due to its high and user selectable sensitivity (down to –90dBm)
•Built-in applications for Passive Component Test, WDM Test, Optical Amplifier Test, Source Test
•Optional built-in wavelength calibrator, white light source, current source, EELED source, multimode input and tunable filter output
•Built-in TRC and DP application

Form FactorBenchtop

High end wavelength limit1700 nm

Wavelength Resolution60.0pm

Instrument TypeGrating

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