8508A – Agilent / HP Phase Meters

8508A – Agilent / HP Phase Meters
1GHz (High end frequency limit)

The 8508A vector voltmeter is a fully automatic tuned receiver that makes RF voltage and phase measurements easy. Its narrowband measuring technique gives a dynamic range of over 90 dB and a sensitivity of 10 µV to trace even the smallest signal. This vector voltmeter also measures the phase difference between its two input channels with at least 0.1 degree resolution over a full +180 to -180 degree range, so they can be used for another complete set of measurements – such as electrical length, phase distortion, or impedance.

100 kHz to 1 GHz with high impedance inputs
300 kHz to 2 GHz with 50 ohm inputs
Circuit probing to facilitate the design process
Easy programming for ATSs
Narrowband measurement capability for high sensitivity applications

High end frequency limit



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