8082A – Agilent / HP Pulse Generators

8082A – Agilent / HP Pulse Generators
5V (Max. V(out))
Agilent / HP 8082A is a fast pulse generator with all pulse parameters variable. With repetition rates to 250MHz, transition times down to 1ns and amplitudes to 5V, the HP 8082A is ideally suited for state-of-the-art TTL and ECL logic designs. Using the HP 8082A, you can rapidly test logic circuits under all operating conditions by simply varying pulse parameters. Although a highly sophisticated instrument, the HP 8082A is still easy to operate because of its logical front panel layout and switch selectable ECL output levels. Another feature that contributes to ease of operation is the square wave mode. You can, for example, carry out toggle rate tests in this mode up to 250MHz without having to worry about pulse duty cycle.
Features: • 1ns variable transition times
• Ultra-clean 50 ohm source
• Switch-selectable ECL levels
• Dual ± 5V outputs


Max. V(out)




Max. Pulse Rep. Freq.


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