7700 – Associated Research Hipots

7700 – Associated Research Hipots
5.000kV (Max. Output AC Voltage)

HypotMAX™, model 7700 provides 500 VA AC Hipot, 6 kV DC Hipot, and Insulation Resistance tests in a single DUT connection.

The 7700 can be used as a bench-top instrument or as a PC controlled system. It features an easy-to-use interface and is equipped with advanced features such as our patented SmartGFI® safery circuit and our patented Ramp-HI and Charge-LO systems.

It is best suited for 500 VA applications that also require DC Hipot and Insulation Resistance testing.

Max. Output AC Voltage

Max. Output DC Voltage

Output AC Current

Output DC Current

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500 VA AC/DC & IR Tester