54833D – Agilent / HP Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

54833D – Agilent / HP Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
1.0GHz (Bandwidth)
The Agilent 54833D 2+16 Channel 1 GHz Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope (MSO) seamlessly integrates 2 scope channels and 16 logic timing channels, providing the detailed signal analysis of a scope with the multi-channel timing measurements and triggering of a logic analyzer. This unique 18 channel capability enables triggering on specific cycles of operation that is beyond the capabilities of traditional 4-channel scopes and is offered at a comparable price. Now with the N5397A FPGA Dynamic Probe, the 16 logic channels can be used to look inside your FPGA.

The 54833D incorporates the Agilent MegaZoom deep memory technology, now available up to an unprecedented 128 Mpts, that provides fast waveform update rates and instant response, even with the deepest memory being acquired. Mixed signal triggering provides a complete set of trigggering features across all 16 timing channels and 2 scope channels.
•Integrated 2 scope and 16 timing channels
•1 GHz bandwidth
•Up to 4 GSa/s sample rate
•Up to 128 Mpts optional memory, also available as after-purchase upgrades
•Standard 4 Mpts memory
•Simple, analog-like front panel with Windows® GUI
•Time correlation option for the 16900/16700/1680/1690 series logic analyzer and scope
•Web-enabled remote control and email on trigger
•Passive probes must be ordered separately (logic cable and probe included)




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1 GHz Mixed-Signal Infiniium Oscilloscope

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