164H – Fluke Frequency Counters

164H – Fluke Frequency Counters
2.7GHz (Max. Freq.)

This remarkable instrument combines the high accuracy of a top performance counter and a wide-band DVM with a visual waveform display. The multi parameter display shows up to ten different signal parameters simultaneously. The 50 MHz waveform display gives a precise picture of your input signal trigger conditions.

Unique presentation modes
Measure Function
Auto Set
High Performance Counter
Time Interval/Phase Meter
Waveform display FlukeView® for MultiFunction Counter software

Max. Freq.

Freq. Resolution [Digits]

Frequency, Period, Ratio, Count totalization, Time interval, Rise/Fall Time, Duty factor, Pulse width, Voltage, RPM, Burst freq., True RMS, Jitter

More Details
50 MHz/2.7 GHz MultiFunction Counter with High Stability Oven Time Base