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Mechanical Calibration Equipment

Mechanical Calibration Test – Mechanical Calibration Kits

We uses state of the art equipment to ensure the highest degree of measurement confidence. With this equipment, and the expertise of our technicians, we are able to offer you the best possible turnaround time, and pricing in the industry for your mechanical and electro-mechanical calibration needs.

In addition, our mechanical and electro-mechanical calibration services include:

  • Balances
  • Durometers
  • EFD’s
  • Force Gages (Compression and Tension)
  • Hardness Testers
  • Load Cells
  • Magnehelic Gages
  • Manometers
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Pressure Transducers
  • Pull Testers
  • Scales
  • Torque (Drivers, Transducers, Watches and Wrenches)
  • Vacuum Gauges
  • Vacuum Transducers
  • Viscometers
  • Weights
  • Many more.

As you can see, the breadth of our capabilities allows us to respond to the diverse mechanical and electro-mechanical calibration of needs of our customers, ensuring that their equipment and instruments will perform at their optimal level, every time.

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