XT Series – 60W – Sorensen Power Supplies

XT Series – 60W – Sorensen Power Supplies
250.0V (Max. Voltage)

The XT provides 60 watts of programmable linear DC power in a quarter-rack package.

With seven models to choose from, XT is the smart choice for both benchtop and system applications where up to 60 watts of programmable, clean DC power is required. XT is also ideal for OEM applications where a wide adjustment of output voltage or current is required for up to 60 watts in a compact package.

XT 120-0.05
XT 15-4
XT 20-3
XT 250-0.05
XT 30-2
XT 60-1
XT 7-6

The XT is a preferred source for system development and test. It is available in singles, duals, triples and quads in a single package for benchtop use. For systems applications, multiple units can also be rack mounted in one to four unit configurations for up to four independent 60-watt outputs. XT can also be combined in a rack with the 300-watt HPD or 500-watt XPD.

Very low noise and ripple
Excellent line/load regulation
Fast transient response
Constant voltage or constant current mode
LabWindows® drivers
CE, CSA approvals

Max. Voltage

Number of Outputs

Max. Current

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60-Watt Linear Benchtop / System Supply