XPF Series – 350W – Sorensen Power Supplies

XPF Series – 350W – Sorensen Power Supplies
42.0V (Max. Voltage)

The XPF is a benchtop power supply featuring dual isolated outputs and 350 watts.

The XPF Series includes the following models:

XPF 35-10
XPF 42-20

The Sorensen XPF is a new type of bench power supply designed to meet the need for flexibility in the choice of voltage and current. Typically, the maximum voltage and maximum current are not required simultaneously. The PowerFlex design enables higher currents to be generated at lower voltages within an overall power limit envelope.

The XPF is a dual output programmable DC power supply with two completely independent and isolated 175W outputs. If required, the outputs can be wired in series or parallel to achieve voltages up to 70V or current up to 20 A. Each output can provide 35 Volts at a maximum current of 5 Amps. As the voltage setting is reduced the output current capability increases up to a maximum of 10 Amps. This is achieved by using the latest switch-mode technology.

Power Factor Correction (PFC)
Individual on/off switch per output
Dual isolated outputs
PowerFlex design gives variable voltage/current combinations
Coarse and fine voltage controls
Simultaneous display of output voltage and current for each output

Max. Voltage

Number of Outputs

Max. Current

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Dual Output DC Power Supply with Powerflex